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User Management

Under my account, I have multiple users signed up with PostOnce.  I am the account administrator and I create users on the fly.  

All of the recruiters in my office use one system.  We can all see each others' jobs and the account administrator is the "super user" with all the permissions to modify account information, users and jobs.

multiple user accounts for my job posting recruiting tool


I do not have to send emails to PostOnce or make any other service requests for them to set-up and configure my PostOnce user accounts.  I am in control.  This means that I can move quickly to create and configure new user accounts in seconds.

self service user management for multiple users environment with postonce


But I do not perform all of the user management functions myself.  I enable my users to manage their own accounts.  Both my users and I can change login information, passwords, contact information, etc. with the simple web form provided by PostOnce.

simple web form for user management


PostOnce is well designed and user-friendly, so user management really ends up being a snap.


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