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The PostOnce Recruiter Forum is great for discussion or just plain fun.

I ask for and give advice about the recruiting industry, best practices, strategies etc.  The Recruiter Forum is just one of many forums offered by PostOnce.  On Fridays, I like to read and post messages to the General Forum.

Sometimes I read and post messages to the Recruiter Forum in order to take a break from my day of matching client and candidate requirements.  The forums are moderated so the content is rich.  I never see any spam and my e-mail address is completely protected, because it is never displayed.

connect with other recruiters and hiring managers, network with postonce recruiter forum, become and find a recruiter mentor or someone in human resources


Who is Online?

PostOnce serves recruiters, hiring managers and owners who work for hiring companies and/or staffing firms.  If you are looking to hire employees or contactors and you want to post employment ads to multiple job boards, then PostOnce is for you.  In short, anyone hiring can use PostOnce.

So the members of the PostOnce Recruiter Forum are not just staffing firm owners and employees, but are also in-house recruiters, direct employers of major corporations and independent recruiters.  I see quite a few owners and employees of fast growing, small firms joining the discussion as well.

All of these players make for great discussion and debate.  The debates never really get out of hand, because the key discussion forums are moderated.  ;)

I myself am thinking about becoming a forum moderator.  When I do, I think I will simply send an e-mail to PostOnce requesting a "moderator" upgrade to my forum user account permission.  Or maybe I will suggest a new forum category and become its moderator.  I am sure that the folks over at PostOnce will gladly host a forum area for me.  I usually have a lot to say and try to provide valuable and informative content.  Anyway, pretty much anything related to human resources and recruiting should be fair game.

Free Account

I received my recruiter forum account for FREE as a PostOnce member.  One registration form handled my PostOnce job posting portal membership and my Recruiter Forum login information.

Tip:  Even if you do not pay $ to PostOnce for their employment ad distribution services or private customized job board, you can still sign-up for a Recruiter Forum account and continue to read and post messages without charge.

So since you read my PostOnce review in its entirety, go ahead and join PostOnce.  If you are looking for contractors or employees and currently post to multiple job boards, then you will benefit greatly from PostOnce membership.  This will be at a very low cost, perhaps less than even the cost of your monthly cell phone bill.

PostOnce pays for itself many times over if you just add one valuable resource to your organization or place a single candidate as a result of your PostOnce-empowered employment ad or private job board.

Sign up now.

Just take me to the PostOnce home page.


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