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I work hard to direct candidate traffic to my corporate website and I do not want to feed top candidates to my competitors.

Job boards are the best places to find candidates.  Job boards are probably second only to proprietary resume databases or word-of-mouth referrals.  In the past, I relied too heavily on only job boards and did not keep my company's website up to date.  

From our website logs, I could see that our employment opportunities pages would get lots of internet traffic, but the candidates would not stay long enough to apply for our jobs.  Who can blame them though?  Our jobs were seriously out of date and did not match our recent job ads distributed to the major job boards.

Now I do not rely on only my favorite job boards for recruiting top talent.  I have found an easy way to promote my company's website, advertise our job openings and keep our jobs fresh with minimal effort.  With a few clicks of the mouse, I create a private, customizable job board for my jobs with PostOnce.  

PostOnce has up to three job board templates to choose from.  I like the "Moncrief" job board style template.  But you may find the "Fordice" or "Hawthorne" job site templates more attractive.

free job board, postonce

Now I am able to wrap my corporate web site around my PostOnce jobs and very easily match the look and feel of my website.  My custom job board looks great and only my company's jobs are visible from my website.  

Candidates and other visitors to our website do not even know that we are using PostOnce to host our jobs database.  The PostOnce private, customizable job board transparently and seamlessly integrates with my website.

custom job board, private job board, jobs database on my website


I wanted a cool blue background with white text and gray hyperlinks.  Customizing and integrating the job board for my company's website is as easy as 1-2-3.  I am able to include our corporate logo and am even able to suppress the PostOnce "powered-by" logo from displaying on my company's website.  ;)

custom job board

With pcJobBoard from PostOnce I also get free candidate action buttons including "Apply Online", "Monitor this Job" and "Send to a Friend".

The PostOnce service is a great deal even if you only want the Private, Customizable Job Board.  If I were to hire a webmaster with HTML and back-end database skills and experience, I would have had to pay a fortune.  And those "job boards in a box" or "canned job boards" are pretty pricey too.  With PostOnce, I am in control.

I have made many successful placements and direct hires as a result of using the private, customizable job board from PostOnce.


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