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Job Management

Smart online recruiting does not end with job entry, but also encompasses effective job management.  Once I create my jobs, I use PostOnce to quickly and easily manage my jobs.  All of the recruiters in my Human Resources department use PostOnce.

Clone Job

I use an already existing job as a template for my new job requirement.  I do this by "cloning" an existing job.  Cloning a job saves my fingers from having to type the same job text repeatedly.  And I have to say that PostOnce is even faster than using the Windows cut-and-paste operation to create a job.

copy jobs and import jobs and export jobs


Delete Job

Deleting or temporarily deactivating my jobs is also a breeze.

deactivate jobs to make inactive which is better than deleting jobs

However, I do not really like to actually delete a job after it has been filled or closed, because I never know when I will need to recover the job text that I worked so hard to create.  ;)  So I usually only deactivate jobs.  This way I can use PostOnce as an archive for my old jobs.

So if the candidate for some reason does not show up for work on the first day or does not work out after a month or two, I can simply reactivate my job and PostOnce takes over by distributing the re-activated job to my favorite job boards.


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