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But I think that the coolest feature about PostOnce is that I do not have to login repeatedly to the job boards and make periodic changes just for search engine ranking.

What is this ranking business?  Well many job search engines return the newest or most recently modified jobs toward the top of the search result.  And the higher on the list of search results the more likely a candidate will apply to the job.

Savvy job posting employers and recruiters attempt to capitalize on this fact by logging in regularly to all of their job board accounts and make itsy-bitsy, little changes to the job text.  This action "freshens" the job text and propels their jobs to the top of the list.

With PostOnce, the job distribution tool automatically refreshes all of my employment ads every night.  So my jobs entered through PostOnce are always fresh.

Now you know why I really like this "refresh my jobs" feature because it saves me the time it would take to manually refresh my jobs by-hand.

As a PostOnce member, I am leveraging the latest and greatest recruiting tools available on the internet.


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