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The only downside that I have experienced hiring online is the amount of spam that I have received in the past was staggering.  Sometimes I would open my inbox and have to sort through scores of totally off-topic and many times inappropriate (i.e. X-rated) mails.

I accepted this for a long time, because (I reasoned) by posting jobs on the internet, I am in effect an advertiser.  And I must provide ways in which candidates can reach me.  I changed this reasoning when I found PostOnce.

No system that I have tried to date is fool-proof but by using PostOnce to distribute my jobs to job boards, I have experienced a very dramatic reduction in the amount of spam I receive.

PostOnce has no equal in spam filtering and privacy protection.

According to PostOnce support, they have developed a proprietary "spam killer" which filters emails based on objectionable content and against a constantly updated database of known spam authors.

PostOnce goes even further by protecting my online privacy by "cloaking" my email address and limiting access to my contact information to only qualified candidates.

With PostOnce, I have been effective hiring online while at the same time staying one step ahead of the spammers.


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