Do Nothing Recruiting

Do Nothing Recruiting (DNR) firms attempt to combine employment ad syndication with job posting aggregation whereby employment ads are gathered online and posted to other locations on the internet.  Unfortunately today's typical Do Nothing Recruiting firm however is merely a job board that only eases the entry of jobs from a corporate web site to the Do Nothing Recruiting job board. A true Do Nothing Recruiting firm should also syndicate jobs to a network of job boards.  PostOnce research found no such companies.

On the other hand, today's Do Nothing Recruiting firms boast the largest databases of open jobs and tend to attract wide candidate audiences. The Do Nothing Recruiting business model involves deriving revenue from selling recruiters access to the candidate database. Also due to the large volume of web site traffic, Do Nothing Recruiting firms are able to derive significant revenue from selling web advertising.



Only when eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technology becomes widely accepted and adopted will Do Nothing Recruiting become a reality. A recruiter simply posts a job to the corporate website or to a community and an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) enabled search engine drives candidates to the post with laser-like precision.

At this time, PostOnce considers the term, "Do Nothing Recruiting" only a vague marketing term that has not yet become a reality.

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