Job Posting Portal


The most effective recruiters advertise open positions to several online job boards, because qualified job seekers are not concentrated on any one career site. 

However many recruiters spend valuable time repeatedly posting, editing and deleting the same job text to multiple sites.


A job posting portal is a single-interface job posting and job management solution. With one click, job posting portal technology automatically distributes employment ads to multiple career sites, the member recruiter’s web site, the job posting portal web site and search engines such as Yahoo, Altavista and Hotbot.

A Job Posting Portal greatly simplifies job posting, allowing employment recruiters to invest more time in actually qualifying job seekers and interviewing top candidates.  PostOnce for example automatically distributes employment ads thousands of career destinations including major job boards such as Dice, Headhunter and Monster.

Job posting portals differ based on the breadth and depth of their distribution network, by giving recruiters full control over where their jobs appear on the web and by the use of leading-edge technology such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

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