Just In Time Recruiting

Just in Time Recruiting or Just in Time Staffing is a human resources management philosophy that strives to eliminate sources of employment imbalances by presenting the right candidate for the right job at the right time. 

Candidates Available When Needed

The underlying theory is that labor supply can be managed like any other production ingredient.  And that it is possible to have candidates available when you need them.

Keys to Successful Recruiting

  1. Reduce lead times for candidate interviews.  Marry human resources and/or your third-party recruiting partners with hiring managers.  Close cohesion between these stakeholders reduces the time to hire.
  2. Continuously market your company and open positions so that candidates are familiar with your operation.  Job boards and job posting services such as PostOnce are the second most effective way to make new hires.  And should be a part of every companies recruiting process.
  3. Create and/or expand an employee referral program for new hires.  Making a hire from who you know or who your employees know is one of the fastest ways to get a new employee working.  While this option yields quality hires, a growing company will quickly extinguish its own internal networks and will need to advertise open positions.
  4. Maintain contact and on good terms with former employees or unsuccessful hires.  Business conditions change constantly and a former employee or an unsuccessful hire may be tomorrow's new employee.
  5. Keep an up to date resume database.  If you do not want to maintain this in-house, subscribe to a resume service with fresh resumes.  Recruiting difficulty is a function of how old of a resumes pool you are working from.  Today, more than ever it is quite easy to secure a fresh pool of qualified candidates who are ready to work. 
  6. Promote from within.  It is easier to fill lower level positions than those requiring more experience.  Identifying capable employees, putting them on the growth path and then promoting them intelligently is an excellent path to organizational growth.  Most employees invite added job responsibilities and financial rewards associated with promotion.  So if you as manager offer enough training opportunities, promoted employee can transition into the new role seamlessly.

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