Volume Internet Posting

The quickest way to get your jobs noticed and attract top talent is to use a volume internet posting network.

Using a crossposter network greatly simplifies volume internet posting, allowing employment recruiters to invest more time in actually qualifying job seekers and interviewing top candidates.

Volume internet posting networks differ based on the breadth and depth of their distribution network.  The bigger the network the better, because a large network means a wider distribution for you jobs.

Although when it comes to volume internet posting, bigger is not always better.  Bigger is only better if you have control over where your jobs are posted.  The alternative is your jobs will be posted to no-name or inappropriate job boards and the result is more work for your organization sorting through useless resumes and unsolicited email.

Volume Internet Posting Spam Filtering

The best providers of volume internet posting networks also have spam filters and an applicant tracking system to make your time spent online more effective.

If you are looking to post many jobs, PostOnce has a volume internet posting network that may interest you called the PostOnce Distribution Network.  With PostOnce, recruiters have access to a large distribution network, but also has full control over where jobs are distributed.  No need to sort through a bunch of unqualified applicants.  Spam filtering is automated and PostOnce includes a free applicant tracking system.

Contact PostOnce for more information about volume internet posting.  

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